Putting Data In Your Hands
What We Do
  1. Application Development and ERP
    Application Development and ERP
    Our main area of expertise in Application Development lies in the Microsoft .Net /Java arena. We have developed a custom framework we use in developing systems, which reduces development time and costs significantly. This framework allows us to focus on the business logic for the specific application, and not have to worry about repetitive tasks in application like GUI design, application menus, general flow of the application, etc.
  2. Information Management
    Information Management
    Business Intelligence has long been an area of expertise which we think is often overlooked in clients Information Technology priorities. They spend all their effort in building large sophisticated systems, but many only have rudimentary operational reporting to show for it. One priority of implementing these state of the art systems is to allow for automation, and business process improvement. This then allows management to focus on the real crux of their jobs instead of tedious day to day activities. Problem is management in most cases is hand-cuffed by lack of relevant and timely information.
  3. Kronos
    We offer these areas of expertise: -ERP Implementations and Support (Financials, HR and Payroll specialties) SQL driven Interface Development (both Connect and WIM) – This method is better than the traditional method due to reduced maintenance and better performance. Custom SSRS Reporting Upgrades and New Implementations Kronos Analytics